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Trussed Rafters Designed to Eurocode 5
April 2015
In April 2015 Truss Form started to design trussed rafters to comply with Eurocode 5 using the latest MiTek Pamir software. Now all new trussed ... 
Truss Form Celebrate 30 Years
March 2015
Truss Form manufactured it's first roof truss in March 1985. Now 30 years later production is in full swing with manufacturing plants in ... 
Truss Form CE Mark Roof Trusses & Metal Web Joists
July 2013
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PEFC - Promoting sustainable forest management

The Trussed Rafter Association

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Certificates & Approvals

Certificates & Approvals

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 PEFC Chain of Custody                              PEFC Chain of Custody 

 CE Certificate (Trusses)                             CE Certificate (Trusses)

 CE Certificate (Posi-joists)                          CE Certificate (Posi-joists)

 Declaration of Conformity (Trusses)             Declaration of Conformity (Trusses)

 Declaration of Conformity (Posi-joists)          Declaration of Conformity (Posi-joists)

 Declaration of Performance (Trusses)           Declaration of Performance (Trusses)

 Declaration of Performance (Posi-joists)        Declaration of Performance (Posi-joists)

Q Mark Certificate Trussed Rafters                 Q Mark Certificate Trussed Rafters

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