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Trussed Rafters Designed to Eurocode 5
April 2015
In April 2015 Truss Form started to design trussed rafters to comply with Eurocode 5 using the latest MiTek Pamir software. Now all new trussed ... 
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Trussed Rafters (Roof Trusses)
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What Are Trussed Rafters?

Trussed rafters, often refered to as roof truss or roof trusses, are individually designed components, manufactured from kiln-dried, strength graded timber. Members are joined with steel nailplate fasteners engineered to provide a structural frame to support the roof fabric, ceilings and/or floors together with other features, such as dormer windows and attic roofs. Combined with other ancillary components, they are used to construct trussed rafter roofs on a wide range of building types.

In today's competitive market, roof trusses stand alone as a sophisticated and highly engineered timber product, with complex design and superior fabrication underpinned by high production standards.

Compared with other methods of roof construction, roof trusses represent the most cost effective and flexible design option available.
Benefits of Trussed Rafters
  • A fully engineered solution for a wide range of roof structures
  • Greater energy efficiency of building materials using up to 40% less than traditional construction methods
  • Thermal efficiency and higher insulation values than some materials, eg. aluminium, steel and concrete
  • Speed of construction allows just-in-time delivery to site
  • Space saving, with no storage area required on site
  • Widespread usage of prefabricated components reducing labour costs
  • Timber’s unique environmental edge as the only truly renewable building resource available today
  • Low technology manufacturing process with reduced levels of emissions and pollution
  • Minimal environmental impact from installation
Room in roof (RiR) trusses

RiR trusses now account for about 30% of all trusses, and this figure is likely to increase as land prices continue to rise. Increasing habitable space within the roof is a cost-effective means of providing more rooms on building plots where space is at a premium. RiR trusses are of particular interest to small to medium size builders for whom attic conversions provide a profitable source of revenue.
Flexible roofing solutions

Roof trusses can accommodate almost any shape, and they therefore enable architects to give their creativity full reign. They provide visually stunning effects when used to create vaulted and multi-level ceilings. Added to this is their speed of erection which provides real on-site labour cost savings, especially when ground level erection techniques can be used. In the non-domestic market, roof trusses also provide an economical roofing solution for commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings.

Quality of Product

All trussed rafters from Truss Form are manufactured from softwoods strength graded in accordance with either BS4978, BSEN518 or as recommended in BS5268:Part 2.

Truss Form’s roof truss designs are prepared in full accordance with Eurocode 5 and fully meet the requirements of the current statutory Building Regulations.

Trussed rafters are manufactured by Truss Form in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 14250:2010.
Truss Form is certified by BM TRADA under its Q-Mark scheme to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, BS EN 1059 and Eurocode 5 for the manufacture of trussed rafters. In addition, the company holds Professional Indemnity cover.
Trussed Rafter Technical Guide (PDF Document - requires Adobe Reader)

If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed on your system, please click the link below to download Adobe Reader for free.

Pamir Free Viewer (Pamir Viewer - Follow the link to download and run the exe file)


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